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The South Asia Center presents: Anisha Saxena

341 Eggers Hall

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The South Asia Center Presents: Anisha Saxena on Memory, History, Conflict and Claim: Rishabhdeo Temple, Rajasthan Rishabhdeo temple in Udaipur, Rajasthan has a long history of pluralism. Though a Jain temple, it attracts a large number of Hindus and Bhil devotees. However, in recent years, this temple has become contested terrain as different groups try to claim the temple as their own. Saxena's talk will explore the processes of how and why a shared sacred site becomes an arena of contestation and how in this battle for sacred spaces, history and historical evidence gets appropriated and (mis) interpreted. In this context, she will also address the ways in which the modern legal system takes recourse to history in trying to unravel the tangle between materiality and memory, and how it is Imperative for historians to engage with contemporary concerns about the retrieval of memory and history. Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:30 pm 341 Eggers Hall Live Tweet #SaxenaSAC @SouthAsiaSU!/

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