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Moynihan European Research Centers presents: Dessi Kirilova on Narratives of the Other

341 Eggers Hall

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Moynihan European Research Centers Presents: Dessi Kirilova on
Narratives of the Other: The Development of New Foreign Relations with Russia in Central and East European States

How have foreign relations changed between the states of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia since the end of communism? Dessi Kirilova discusses the different narratives employed by the political elites of Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Poland to redefine the meaning of Russia for their respective countries. A scholar of International Relations and European affairs, she is interested in the role of ideas and collective identities on international politics, the processes through which these change, as well as the influence of big states and international institutions on smaller ones. In this presentation, she explores the different foreign policy choices these post-communist Central and Eastern European countries made regarding their relationships with Russia, and suggests some theoretical reasons why different narratives came to dominate in each of these countries.

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