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Transnational NGO Initiative Presents: Shayna Plaut

341 Eggers Hall

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Transnational NGO Initiative Presents: "What is Human Rights Journalism?" by Shayna Plaut

Pulling from examples as an educator, activist and scholar, Shayna Plaut will walk through the process of how advocates and journalists frame domestic and international issues, including homelessness, police brutality, and access to education, as human rights issues. She will also discuss other ways of approaching journalism and journalism education --from Indigenous journalism, Romani journalism and philanthro-journalism --and what can be learned as we struggle to develop the emerging field of human rights journalism.

Shayna Plaut is a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia; her area of focus is on the intersections of journalism, human rights and social change with people who identify with being transnational. Shayna has designed and taught courses on human rights and human rights reporting to journalists and future producers of culture since 2004 in Chicago and, upon moving to Vancouver, designed the first Human Rights Reporting class offered at the graduate level in Canada. While at Columbia University Shayna is working with Anya Schiffrinand two graduate students to map out the current state of human rights education in journalism education.

Lunch will be provided.

November 6, 2013
100 Eggers Hall

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