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Conversations in Conflict Studies presents: Robert B. Silver

400 Eggers Hall

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"Lessons from: Hussain, IRA, Ted, Al, Two Brothers, and a Host of Others," with Robert B. Silver, Professor of Biology, Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute. Conflict has been part of the human condition throughout the ages. The use of energetic materials by parties to conflict has been a common feature, a modus operandi of sorts. The hock wave, or propulsive force, of bombs and rockets have been used to deliver damage, trigger reactions, and delivery the full array of CBNRE threats. The uses of these materials by nation states (e.g., the use of aircraft or missile deliveries by military forces) are very costly to he aggressor, and oftentimes inflict significant collateral injury, damage and death. The uses of these materials (e.g., home-made explosives (HME), improvised explosive devices (IED), et cetera) by non-nation state actors are relatively low cost to the assailant, and are intended to inflict significant fear, collateral injury, damage, and death. Prof. Silver will review several examples of the latter case, with a discussion of how to engage and counter the unconventional threats of ME, IED, et cetera.

Conversations in Conflict Studies is a weekly speaker series sponsored by PARCC - Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration. Follow us @PARCCatMaxwell, tweet #ConvoInConflict .

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