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PARCC presents Anya Stanger, PhD Candidate in Social Science

400 A Eggers Hall, the PARCC Conference Room

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“Prisoners of Conscience in the U.S.”  Anya Stanger is a PhD Candidate in Social Science.  She studies U.S. citizens who resist militarism and empire through a nonviolent tactic called "prison witness." In their moments of action (hammering on weapons, illegal trespass) and in the trials and imprisonments that result, the activists' identities (as white, well educated, privileged) are crucial. Tracing their experiences from discernment of action through release from prison, Anya's research shows how "who we are" matters both personally and politically. In particular, her research finds that gender shapes how justice action prisoners experience and understand the world, what they believe to be real and important, and hence-- what they do.   Please join Anya for a critical discussion of her work.

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