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SAC presents: Devendra Sharma

204 Maxwell Hall

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Devendra Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, California State University - Fresno

Nautanki - Hindi Musical Theater: A Performer's Perspective

What is so special about nautanki?  Why is it such an important Hindi performance tradition?  This lecture-demonstration, which will include live performance, will try to answer those questions from the perspective of someone who has immersed himself in the world of nautanki.  The talk will attempt to vividly bring to life the feel of a real nautanki performance.  It will look at how actors learn to channel the incredible energy of a live nautanki show.  The talk will also look at how influential nautanki has been on later entertainment genres such as Parsi Theater and Bollywood film.  It will conclude with a discussion of the present situation and possible future of nautanki.

Open to the public

Sponsored by the South Asia Center at the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, Department of Sociology, and Department of Gender Studies 

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