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MES presents the film: On the Side of the Road

060 Eggers Hall

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MES presents the film: On the Side of the Road with Lia Tarachansky, Director

On the Side of the Road is a 2013 Israeli documentary film written and directed by Lia Tarachansky. The film focuses on Israeli collective denial of the events of 1948 that led to the country's Independence and the Palestinian refugee problem. It follows war veterans TikvaHonig-Parnassand AmnonNoimanas they tackle their denial of their actions in the war. The film also tells the story of the director, Lia Tarachansky, an Israeli who grew up in a settlement in the West Bank but as an adult began to realize the problems of the Israeli Occupation for the Palestinians. The film was shot over the course of five years and premiered at the First International Independent Film Festival in Tel Aviv.

Sponsored by the Middle Eastern Studies Program at the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs.

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