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PARCC- Summer Institute for Creative Collaboration and Conflict Resolution

Maxwell 110

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Collaborative and Participatory Governance Skills

MAY 31– JUNE 4 (Tuesday-Saturday 8:30am-5pm)
Instructor: Tina Nabatchi

Organizations and managers in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors are increasingly being asked to engage in collaborative and participatory governance to solve complex problems. Such problems often require multiple organizations from different sectors, geographic areas, or jurisdictions to work together to reach creative solutions. Further, the best solutions require input from multiple stakeholders who understand and are affected by organizational action. This workshop-style class will examine the underlying theories that support collaborative and participatory governance, assess what we know from research about how these approaches work, and develop your knowledge and skills. Students will learn through interactive exercises, skill practice, and discussion: how to design and facilitate collaborative and stakeholder engagement processes that meet specific goals; how to manage group conflict productively; and how to evaluate processes and structures.

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