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Brown Bag Sessions - Amy Lutz and Yingyi Ma - Maxwell Citizenship Initiative

341 Eggers Hall

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The Maxwell Citizenship Initiative, Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs present: 

The Brown Bag Sessions

Amy Lutz - Educational Experiences and the Early Labor Market Incorporation of Second Generation Youth: Mexican Americans and French Maghrebins

This paper compares educational experiences and transitions from school to work among second-generation Mexicans in the United States and North Africans in France. We find that Mexican Americans and French Maghrebins have very different experiences during secondary education, yet both are ultimately disadvantaged in their paths toward social mobility in terms of educational attainment and a transition to work that is oriented toward low-status jobs.  However, compared to second-generation Mexican Americans, French Maghrebins face a more difficult incorporation into the labour market. The experiences of the people in our study lead us to question some of the assumptions within the theory of segmented assimilation.

Yingyi Ma - Transnational Agents: Chinese Undergraduate Students in America

This project argues that Chinese international undergraduates straddle both China and the U.S. during their formative years in education systems and other domains of societies. Consequently, they could be transnational agents, defined as actors who have extensive experience in both societies that they could potentially improve the understanding of the two. This presentation addresses the question of how this new wave of international students reflect on their years of study in the U.S and in what respects they have been changed due to this experience. These changes fall into three major categories: global citizenship, new attitudes towards the U.S and China, and personal transformations. 
For more information, please contact Marc Albert at 315-443-9248.

Sponsored by the The Maxwell Citizenship Initiative and the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs 

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We’re Turning 100!

To mark our centennial in the fall of 2024, the Maxwell School will hold special events and engagement opportunities to celebrate the many ways—across disciplines and borders—our community ever strives to, as the Oath says, “transmit this city not only not less, but greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”

Throughout the year leading up to the centennial, engagement opportunities will be held for our diverse, highly accomplished community that now boasts more than 38,500 alumni across the globe.