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Voluntourism: a Gift, a Burden, or Both? - TNGO

341 Eggers Hall

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Voluntourism: a Gift, a Burden, or Both?

Well intentioned volunteers travel the world with the intent to ‘give back’ and volunteer while they are on vacation in underdeveloped regions. In some cases, their efforts are well received and much needed, while in others, underlying motives of narcissism and a ‘savior complex’ get in the way of real charitable action. This rapidly expanding sector of the travel industry is replete with questions of morality: do some trips help young adults pad their resumes or college applications more than they help the beneficiaries in need? Four discussants -- Kyle Wilkinson, Sanjana Suresh, Lisa Frye, and Libby Kokemoor -- will address this complex question from various perspectives, discussing both the merits and pitfalls of this burgeoning industry. 


Kyle Wilkinson, MAIR, Graduate Assistant, Transnational NGO Initiative, Former Project Manager in the Voluntourism industry

Sanjana Suresh, MAIR, former Program Manager, Pratham Education Foundation, ‘Voluntourist’ in India and host to Western ‘voluntourists’  

Lisa Frye, MAIR, former Study Abroad Coordinator, ‘Voluntorist’ in Ghana

Libby Kokemoor, MAIR/MPA, former Educational Consultant in UAE ‘Voluntourist’ in Myanmar

Lunch Will Be Served. 

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Sponsored by the The Maxwell Citizenship Initiative and the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

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