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5th InsTED Workshop on Advances in the Theory and Empirics of Institutions, Trade and Economic Development

220 Eggers Hall

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5th InsTED Workshop on Advances in the Theory and Empirics of Institutions, Trade and Economic Development

Maxwell School Global Collaboratory

Program – Tuesday, May 15th 2018

8:00-8:20am: Arrival/Registration

8:20-8:30am: Opening Remarks - Kristy Buzzard and Ben Zissimos

Session 1: Self-Regulation of Trade

Chair: J. David Richardson (Syracuse University / PIIE)

8:30-9:10am: “The International Organization of Production in the Regulatory Void”

Phillip Herkenhoff (LMU Munich), Sebastian Krautheim (University of Passau and CESifo)

9:10-9:50am: “Exports and Governance: The Role of Private Voluntary Certification”

Dela-Dem Doe Fiankor (University of Goettingen), Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso (University of Goettingen), Bernard Brümmer (University of Goettingen, Center for Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use)

9:50-10:30am: “Improving Export Quality and What Else?: Nespresso in Colombia”

Rocco Macchiavello (London School of Economics), Josepa Miquel-Florensa (Tolouse School of Economics)

10:30-10:45am: Break

Session 2: Institutional Constraints on Trade

Chair: Piyusha Mutreja (Syracuse University)

10:45-11:25am: “The Principle of Reciprocity in the 21st Century: New Predictions for Trade Agreement Outcomes"

David R. DeRemer (International School of Economics, Kazakh-British Technical University)

11:25-12:15pm: “Preferential Trade Agreements and Rules of the Multilateral Trading System”

Kamal Saggi (Vanderbilt University, Woan Foong (University of Oregon, Eugene), Halis Murat Yildiz (Ryerson University)

Session 3: Factor Movements and Productivity

Chair: Hugo Jales (Syracuse University)

1:30-2:10pm: “Riding on the New Silk Road: Quantifying the Welfare Gain from High-Speed Railways”

Mingzhi Xu (University of California, Davis)

2:10-2:50pm: “Barbarians at the Gate? Culture and the Political Economy of Migration Policy”

Sanjay Jain (University of Oxford), Sumon Majumdar (Queen’s University), Sharun W. Mukand (University of Warwick)

2:50-3:30pm: “FDI Spillovers and High-Growth Firms in Developing Countries”

José-Daniel Reyes (World Bank)

3:30-3:45pm: Break

Session 4: Political Institutions and Economic Performance

Chair: Leyla Karakas (Syracuse University)

3:45-4:25pm: “How Dictators Forestall Democratization Using International Trade Policy"

Kishore Gawande (McCombs School of Business), Ben Zissimos (University of Exeter Business School)

4:25-5:05pm: “Firms Under Dictatorship and Democracy: Evidence from Indonesia’s Democratic Transition”

Ama Baafra Abeberese (Wellesley College), Prabhat Barnwal (Michigan State University), Ritam Chaurey (John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies), Priya Mukherjee (College of William and Mary)

5:05-5:20pm: Break

Keynote Address

Chair: Devashish Mitra (Syracuse University)

5:20-6:20pm: "Global Value Chains: Spiders and Snakes”

Pol Antràs (Harvard University)

Program – Wednesday, May 16th 2018

8:45-9:00am: Arrival

Session 5: Trade Restrictions and Distribution

Chair: Abdulaziz Shifa (Syracuse University)

9:00-9:40am: “Openness and Factor Shares: Is Globalization Always Bad for Labor?”

Ash Leblebicioglu (University of Texas at Dallas), Ariel Weinberger (University of Oklahoma)

9:40-10:20am: “The Paradox of Transfers: Distribution and the Dutch Disease”

Nazanin Behzadan (Ryerson University), Richard Chisik (Ryerson University)

10:20-11:00am: “Inequality and Trade Policy: Pro-Poor Bias of Contemporary Trade Restrictions”

Beyza Ural Marchand (University of Alberta)

11:00-11:15am: Break

Keynote Address

Chair: Ben Zissimos (University of Exeter Business School)

11:15-12:15pm: “Integrated and unequal? Trade and inequality in developing countries”

Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth College)

Session 6: Trade and Product Standards

Chair: Mengxiao (Michelle) Liu (Syracuse University)

1:30-2:10pm: “No Double Standards: Quantifying the Impact of the Standard Harmonization on Trade”

Julia Schmidt (Banque the France), Walter Steingress (Bank of Canada)

2:10-2:50pm: “Tariff Liberalisation and Protective Product Standards”

Emma Aisbett (University of Hamburg and Australian National University) Magdalene Silberberger (Herdecke University)

2:50-3:05pm: Break        

Session 7: Effects of the WTO

Chair: Kristy Buzard (Syracuse University)

3:05-3:45pm: “How Do Households Adjust to Trade Liberalization? Evidence from China’s WTO Accession”
Mi Dai (Beijing Normal University), Wei Huang (National University of Singapore and IZA), Yifan Zhang (University of Hong Kong)

3:45-4:25pm: “WTO Tariff Commitments and Temporary Protection: Complements or Substitutes?”

David J. Kuenzel (Wesleyan University)

4:25-4:45pm: InsTED Overview and Goals, and Closing Remarks - Ben Zissimos and Kristy Buzard

The conference is organized by Kristy Buzard (Syracuse), Devashish Mitra (Syracuse), Ben Zissimos (Exeter) and Isleide Zissimos (Exeter). We are very grateful for the financial support provided by Department of Economics, the Maxwell School Dean’s Office, the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, and the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration, all at Syracuse University.

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