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Reliable Eurasian Genealogies and Dating Korea's Early Modern Era

100 Eggers Hall

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Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

East Asia Program


Reliable Eurasian Genealogies and Dating Korea's Early Modern Era

A Talk by Eugene Y. Park, Korea Foundation Associate Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania 

What does the term “modern” mean? How about “early modern”? In what ways do terms such as these help or hinder comparative approaches to the study of history, politics, and other disciples within the humanities and social sciences? Is it useful to talk about the changes from an early modern to modern society? While no consensus has been reached, scholars generally use these terms to help us understand changes in and between different regions across the world. Using Korea as an example, this talk argues the usefulness of these terms. By considering the contemporaneous emergence of elite and middle social strata since antiquity in Eurasia, it proposes a periodization scheme for Korea to demonstrate Korea’s shared experiences with other Eurasian societies and the globe.

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Sponsoring Department: East Asia Program, Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, Department of History

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