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Challenges to Citizenship: Authoritarianism in East Asia


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The Moynihan Institute's East Asia Program will host a panel of distinguished scholars covering Authoritarianism in East Asia. The panel will be moderated by George Kallander, professor of history at Syracuse University.

This webinar hosts three leading scholars on authoritarianism in East Asia to share their research and views. Topics range from the authoritarian history of South Korea and Chinese state power today to authoritarianism and gender politics in Japan. Please come and join us to learn more about authoritarianism in East Asia and its impact on the region and world. This webinar is part of the Challenges to Citizenship Series at the Moynihan Institute for Global Affairs and is hosted by the East Asia Program. 

Our three scholars are interested in addressing the following sets of questions:

Joan Cho

Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies and Government • Wesleyan University

What is the history of authoritarianism in South Korea? 

How does its authoritarian past shape South Korea’s democratic present?

Rory Truex

Associate Professor of Politics & International Affairs • Princeton University

How do Chinese citizens feel about the CCP regime? 

How does the uneven knowledge about Chinese public opinion allow or prevent answers?

Tomomi Yamaguchi

Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology • Montana State University

How did Japan mix seemingly liberal gender policies (i.e “womenomics”) with authoritarian approaches to its colonial history?

What role did Shinzo Abe’s prime ministership play?

This event is co-sponsored by The Donald P. and Margaret Curry Gregg Professor of Practice in Korean and East Asian Affairs • The Political Science Department


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