Study Abroad or in Washington, D.C.

International Study

Study Abroad SantiagoLiving and studying in another country can be a truly transformative educational experience and is one of the best ways for college students to expand their perspectives and skill sets. We strongly encourage students who are able to study abroad to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. About 75 percent of our majors complete at least one semester away from campus. Study abroad can enhance a student’s intellectual development, improve one’s language abilities, enhance one’s understanding of the world, and prepare one for important career opportunities.

We are fortunate to have a world-class study-abroad program through Syracuse Abroad. Syracuse University operates its own study-abroad programs in eight locations around the world, each of which provides wonderful opportunities for study, travel, and internship experience. All of these programs offer many courses that are pre-approved for our International Relations major and minors, as listed in the course lists.

In addition, SU offers access to more than 50 additional study-abroad opportunities through our World Partner Programs. Courses offered through these programs may also count towards the major or minors. Please speak with an advisor about this before going abroad.

Maxwell in Washington

Finally, many of our students participate in a semester of study in Washington, DC. The Maxwell in Washington program provides an intensive, integrated experience of course work, academic collaboration, and internship experience that is ideal for those with an interest in governance, foreign policy, and international affairs. 

Financial Aid

Students can access cost and financial aid information for studying abroad or in Washington, D.C. by contacting Syracuse Abroad or the Maxwell in Washington Program.