Want to earn credit for work you are already doing?

The courses listed below give students experience-based credit for internships or jobs they are already doing, paid or unpaid. Contact Professor Coplin at wdcoplin@syr.edu for information on any of the three courses.

PAF 270: Experience Credit (1-3 credits)

Students can sign up for a skills internship with Professor Coplin as their faculty advisor. A skills internship is one in which the reflective work for the internship is related to the 10 Skill Sets rather than a specific scholarly field. Students complete a series of online assignments connected to the required 45 internship hours per credit.

PAF 410: Practicum in Public Policy: Section 3 SU Policies (3 credits)

Sections of this course are offered through the Policy Studies Program, under the direction of a Practitioner Expert member in different units. Students who are employed in supervisory positions or are completing extensive training required by the organization are eligible. The following sections of PAF 410 are offered in 2017-2018:

  1. Residence Life Policy Implementation, George Athanas
  2. Literacy in Urban Education, Colleen Cicotta
  3. Public Safety Policy Implementation, Ryan Beauford
  4. Student Centers and Programs Services (spring only), David Pennock
  5. University Union, Mercy Lavado 
  6. Financial Literacy Coaching Development Program (fall only, apply to the Financial Literacy Coaching Development Program), Sam Kessler

If you are in any of these organizations and interested in enrolling in PAF 410, contact your supervisor.

PAF 490: Independent Study (1-3 credits)

This course is offered through the Policy Studies Program. Students are assigned a research project for a local organization. There is no classroom time, although reports are due every week. Examples of projects include: analyzing water-lead for the City of Syracuse Department of Innovation using computerized agency files, developing a targeted membership growth plan for 2017-18 for the Human Services Leadership Council (HSLC) of Central New York and collecting information for HUD on the gaps and needs of youth that leads to homelessness for the Housing and Homeless Coalition. If you are is interested in finding out more information on the course, email wdcoplin@syr.edu.