Health Insurance and Records

The Syracuse University Health Center strives to provide all students with the most comprehensive and effective health care as possible. 

Health Insurance

In accordance with the US federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), Syracuse University provides a (platinum-level coverage) student health insurance plan (SHIP) for all full time undergraduate and graduate students.  It is Syracuse University Policy that all full time students carry some form of ACA-compliant health insurance.  Information on the program plan, costs, providers, and registration can be found at the Student Health Insurance Plan Website.

The SHIP provides coverage for 12 months (August - July), at an annual average cost of just under $2,000 for each student, and a modest annual deductible of $100. Full payment for the plan is due at time of registration. Spousal and dependent coverage is also available. Students matriculating in Summer Session II for the MPA program may purchase the final month of the prior year's plan (July) at a pro-rated one month cost, but please know that the annual deductible still applies for this one month of coverage. 

All students will automatically be enrolled in the SU Student Health Insurance Plan, unless they provide proof of other insurance through the waiver option.  Students holding partial or full time GA positions will receive a generous subsidy to help offset the cost of the plan. 

Students can receive a waiver to this requirement with proof of outside insurance. Please see the Student Health Insurance Plan Website for detailed information and contacts for questions. 

Immunization and Health Records

It is important that all new students submit a health history and immunizations form by July 1 to meet federal and university guidelines. Students may fill out the health history and immunization forms via a new SU Health Center web portal.

Students born after January 1, 1957 must submit documentation of the following immunizations administered after 12 months of age:

2 doses of measles vaccine; 
1 dose of mumps vaccine; and 
1 dose of rubella vaccine.

Other medical records must also be provided. Students not providing this information by the middle of their first month on campus face suspension from the University.

Health Services Fee

There is a mandatory Health Services Fee for all full-time, matriculated graduate students. This will be billed in the fall and spring semesters only. Payment of the fee entitles students to health services in the clinics of Syracuse University Health Center. The cost of support services such as x-rays, selected procedures, medications, and hospital supplies are in addition to the health fee, although often at a reduced cost to students. Part-time students may opt to pay the health fee for the same coverage, or pay per office visit. Graduate students who hold a graduate assistantship or tuition scholarships of at least 12 credits per semester receive a health fee remission.