David Green- Delivering Quality Eyecare in the Developing Countries through Collaborative Systems

Winner of the Glendal E. and Alice D. Wright Prize Fund for Conflict and Collaboration Studies in International Development

By K.B.S. Kumar and Indu Perepu
IBS Center for Management Research (ICMR) 


Eye care in developed countries is available and accessible to all the citizens. However, the primary eye care situation is a cause for serious concern in third world countries where the healthcare resources are scarce and unaffordable. This case addresses the challenge of critical eye care in developing countries and focuses on explaining the synergies between social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations in building sustainable eye care solutions. The case narrates the journey of an American social entrepreneur David Green whose innovative and collaborative approaches have made an impact on eye care development globally. The case elaborates on the vision of the protagonist and his modus operandi for creating economies of scale and making eye care affordable to the poor.

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