The Henninger High School – SU Policy Studies Program Partnership 

In the spring of 2017, a group of undergraduates led by junior Griff Tighe worked closely on several projects with Joyce Suslovic, a Henninger High School Social Studies teacher who offers PST 101 at her high school for SU credit.  Suslovic is an outstanding high school teacher with unlimited energy devoted to the success of her students, many of whom are recent immigrants to Syracuse. The group has established an e-board and will continue its work in the fall 2017. 
The follow projects were initiated in the spring of 2017 and will continue with the partnership:
·         Assistance in teaching PST 101 during classes
·         After school Excel training workshop
·         After school SAT/ACT Prep
·         After school college application and finances
In addition, a college mentoring program between SU students and Henninger students is being planned for the fall of 2018. SU students have also accompanied Henninger students on visits to the Syracuse City School District’s Board of Education meetings to lobby the school board for policy changes.
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