Community Partnership Program 

For more than 40 years, Policy Studies students have provided research and staff support for hundreds of nonprofits and government agencies in Central New York and throughout the United States. 

Types of Projects

  • Provide reports for funders and boards of directors
  • Design, conduct, and analyze email, web-based, mail, and interview surveys
  • Tutor for educational programs and administrative services; students are assigned between 5 and 90 hours to provide services requested by organizations
  • Digitize current records
  • Database design; students help develop databases in Excel and explore opportunities for integration with Salesforce
  • Compile data from websites and other published sources

What Does it Cost?

There is no cost to you, unless you have the funds to hire students. 

Our clients can receive our student services in three ways:

  1. The Community Link Program

    Students complete a focused quantitative study and develop a consulting style report, complete with recommendations, in a formal class, PST 315: Methods of Policy Analysis and Presentation, taught by Professor Austin Zwick.
    >> Learn more about our Community Link program and how to submit a proposal

    Already familiar with the Program?
    >> Submit a proposal

  2. A 90-Hour Internship Program: Interns for Daily Operations

    Students work in your office as well as online in a daily operations capacity. Duties can include office work, event support and research projects.
  3. Support to conduct research projects

    You may want one student or a team to conduct a research project either assessing your organization as a whole or a program you are considering.
  4. Volunteers

    You can request short and long term volunteers to help with your operations, fundraising and other events, tutor and mentor as well as paint and cleanup.


We'd love to work with you. To request volunteers, interns, or discuss a potential individual or group research project, email Professor Bill Coplin at You may also set up a phone appointment over email.