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Mapatón - A Success Story of Resolving the Public Transportation Issues in Mexico City with the help of Modern Technology Platforms, Collaborative Networks, and Citizen Participation

K.B.S. Kumar & Indu Perepu (IBS Hyderabad)

July 2020

The transport needs of 65 percent of more than 21 million inhabitants of Mexico City were met by unorganized transport providers who operated small buses known as Peseros. To facilitate seamless transport across the city it was necessary to integrate Peseros with the organized transport systems. The called for mapping the Peseros, which was expected to take more than a year and called for huge investments. The mayor of Mexico City, who took up several pro-citizen activities to make the city more congenial to the citizens, approached Gabriella Gómez-Mont, a visual artist to find a solution. Gabriella, formed a team with representatives from the government, nongovernmental organizations, people from civil society, and private organizations. Several days of deliberations among the team members resulted in a crowd sourcing and gamification experiment - Mapatón. The result was mapping of more than 4000 Peseros routes in 17 just days at a fraction of the cost. The case details the planning, execution and culmination of Mapatón and discusses how it has facilitated civic engagement, and brought government and citizens closer together. 

Winner of the Glendal E. and Alice D. Wright Prize Fund for Conflict and Collaboration Studies in International Development, 2020.

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