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A Fulbright Exchange Program

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

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This Year's Fellows

Eleven Hubert H. Humphrey fellows are spending ten months at the Maxwell School participating in graduate study, professional development and cultural exchange.

The 2023-2024 cohort hails from Argentina, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Eritrea, Guatemala, Kosovo, Moldova, Pakistan and the Republic of Korea.

The fellows’ diverse professional experience and academic interests include policy development and implementation, public administration reform, digital transformation, cyber security, ICT in public policy, public policy and women’s empowerment, data-driven decision-making, and tax policy, among other areas

Group shot of the 11 2023 Humphrey Fellows
Zaur Allahverdiyev headshot

Zaur Allahverdiyev, Azerbaijan

Zaur Allahverdiyev is head advisor for the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, where he provides strategic guidance in information technology development. As a Humphrey Fellow, Zaur is interested in innovative development policy and cybersecurity policy and strategy including artificial intelligence. After his fellowship, he seeks to apply the knowledge, skills and networks gained during the program to effect positive change. Zaur earned an M.B.A. from a partnership between Georgia State University (U.S.) and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Trim Berisha, Kosovo

Trim Berisha is acting general secretary of the Ministry of Local Government Administration where he’s responsible for directing the administrative and professional activity of the ministerial system including coordination of policy development and implementation. As a Humphrey Fellow, Trim is interested in public policy analysis, public administration, strategic planning, public-private partnerships and economic development. His goal after the fellowship is to work in the public sector in Kosovo and apply the knowledge and experience in public administration and public policy development. Trim holds a bachelor’s of science and master’s of science in banking, finance and accounting from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Pristina in Kosovo. 

Trim Berisha headshot
Marcelo Funes headshot

Marcelo Funes, Argentina

Marcelo Funes is head advisor of the Argentinian National Government, where he designs and implements strategic plans to develop technological solutions. He also worked in academia as a professor and researcher. As a Humphrey Fellow, Marcelo is interested in data-driven decision-making, innovation in AI, blockchain, and Smart Cities policy and development. After his fellowship, his goals include to share his knowledge in public-private partnerships to boost digital transformation and innovation in Argentina. Marcelo has an M.S. in technological services management and telecommunications from University of San Andrés, a B.A. in computer science from University of Palermo, and a diploma in Smart Cities from Austral University in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Minseok Kang, South Korea

Minseok Kang is the manager for the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) where he works on presidential records management. As a Humphrey Fellow, Minseok is interested in government communication and message management between central and local governments. His goal after the fellowship is to increase government trust and promote national vision by developing national holiday events for National Liberation Day and Independence Movement Day. Minseok has a bachelor’s degree in urban planning and engineering from Yonsei University in Seoul.

Minseok Kang headshot
Ghulam Jan Naseer headshot

Ghulam Jan Naseer, Pakistan

Ghulam Jan Naseer is the MIS/ICT director for the Balochistan Public Procurement Regulatory Authority for the Government of Balochistan where he manages ICT services, staffing and oversees the implementation of technology services. As a Humphrey Fellow, Ghulam Jan is interested ICT policy management, artificial intelligence, data protection and cybersecurity. His goal after the fellowship is to enable and optimize e-Governance services within the province and country as a project director and team player. Ghulam Jan has a B.S. in computer science, an M.S. in computer science and a master’s in economics from the University of Balochistan; and a bachelor’s of science in computer science from the Newports Institute of Communications and Economics in Karachi

Maria Alejandra Pozo, Ecuador

Maria Alejandra Pozo was most recently a tax expert for the Internal Revenue Services of Ecuador where she designed projects and proposals aimed towards enhancing tax transparency and fairness. As a Humphrey Fellow, she seeks to gain international perspectives and acquire new knowledge in public policy and management to contribute to innovations in taxation, digital economy taxes, personal data protection, transparency and the development of public policies focused on the empowerment of women. Maria’s goal after the fellowship is to transmit her knowledge in favor of fiscal transparency and prevention of tax evasion. She earned a master’s in economics and law from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, and a bachelor’s in law from the University of the Americas in Quito, Ecuador.

Maria Alejandra Pozo headshot
Sanam Rasool headshot

Sanam Rasool, Pakistan

Sanam Rasool was most recently the deputy commissioner-inland revenue for the Federal Board of Revenue where she conducted tax audits and investigated tax fraud and evasion. As a Humphrey Fellow, Sanam is interested in public policy analysis, the use of ICT in public policy management, and international practices in tax policy development and administration. After the fellowship, her goal is to encourage data-driven policy analysis for optimal tax policy administration. Sanam has an MBA in finance and a bachelor’s in business administration, both from Iqra University in Karachi, Pakistan.

Emahatsion Tekle, Eritrea

Emahatsion Tekle is chief technology officer at ErsolIT, where he manages the ISP team and develops objectives and strategies for the implementation of innovative solutions while optimizing existing systems such as moving to green energy. He’s also team lead for software developments for the Eritrea Integrated Tax Administration System. As a Humphrey Fellow, he is interested in IT policy and management, digital transformation, and researching policy approaches to optimize governmental and private institutions. Emahatsion's goal after the fellowship is to work with the government to develop fair technology policy and management. He holds an MS in computer science and technology from Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, and a bachelor’s of science in computer engineering from Eritrea Institute of Technology.

Emahatsion Tekle headshot
Grecia Vasquez headshot

Grecia Vasquez, Guatemala

Grecia Vazquez has been working in the Guatemalan government as the head of the Disciplinary Personnel Department in a National Security Institution where she oversees the personnel verification process, creates protocols for personnel, and oversees streamlining the purchasing and contracting processes in various modalities. Her interests as a Humphrey Fellow include public policy, digital transformation in public administration, cyber security and entrepreneurship. After the fellowship, Grecia’s goal is to work in an executive position in Guatemala that allows her to implement the best practices in public management, propose public policy changes and design training programs for public servants. Grecia has an M.A. in labor rights and social security from USAC University in Guatemala and is a certified public accountant, USAC University, Guatemala. 

Ana Villarreal Garcia, Costa Rica

Ana Villarreal Garcia was most recently an adviser to the minister of the presidency of the Republic of Costa Rica where she supported different teams in initiatives related to the improvement of human talent, the generation of quality employment, as well as projects related to the creation of national conditions for the promotion of investment. As a Humphrey Fellow, she is interested in services design, innovation, human talent and youth employability. Her goal after the fellowship is to help the institutional framework to create human-centered services. Ana is currently pursuing a master's degree in management of public policies and social programs at the Central American Institute of Public Administration and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management and law at the University of Costa Rica.

Ana Viarreall Garcia headshot
Cristina Virlan headshot

Cristina Virlan, Republic of Moldova

Cristina Virlan is a program analyst within the Effective Governance Cluster, UNDP Moldova where she supports the State Chancellery in implementing the new public administration reform strategy. Cristina is also devoted to community service and has been a member of Rotary International network since 2017. As a Humphrey Fellow, she hopes to gain an international perspective on good governance and public administration, evidence-based public policy development and policy analysis. After her fellowship, Cristina aims to contribute to the development of a strong public administration in Moldova and further accession of her country in the European Union. She has a master’s in regional development from UAIC University, Romania, a master’s in banking administration, and bachelor’s degrees in law and business and administration from Moldova State University.


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Margaret E. Lane


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