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Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

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2021-22 Humphrey Fellows

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This Year’s Fellows

Eleven Hubert H. Humphrey fellows from emerging democracies and developing countries are spending ten months at the Maxwell School participating in graduate study, professional development and cultural exchange.

The 2021-2022 cohort hails from Argentina, Azerbaijan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Malawi, Pakistan, Russia and South Korea.

The fellows’ diverse professional experience and academic interests include anti-corruption, digital transformation and innovation, public administration, information technology policy and management, non-governmental organization management, gender policy and public policy, among other areas.

Marien Alvarado Franco

Marien Alvarado Franco, Guatemala

Marien Alvarado Franco is an expert in project and process management and was most recently a high impact project specialist in the Finance Ministry of Guatemala. She also worked in academia and civil society.

Her areas of interest as a Humphrey fellow include digital transformation, technology for transparency, and data science for policies. After her Humphrey fellowship, Marien seeks to work on the improvement of services delivered to Guatemalan citizens by combining process improvements with innovation and digital transformation to strengthen institutions and increase transparency.

She earned a master’s degree in humanitarian action from the Deusto University of Spain, a master’s degree in industrial administration and service industries from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, and a diploma in public management from Universidad de Chile.

Dramane Chabi Bouko, Benin

Dramane Chabi Bouko is a lecturer in international relations, peace, security, and geopolitical studies with a specific focus on Africa and China at the University of Parakou, Benin.

He also works as a volunteer research analyst with regional and international NGOs on preventive diplomacy and small arms control. During his Humphrey year, Dramane plans to focus his research on regional African organizations and United Nations Program of Action (UNPoA) in the area of small arms control.

After the Humphrey program, he intends to use these skills to become and international expert on peace studies and small arms control. Dramane earned a Ph.D. in international relations from Central China Normal University and a master’s in international relations from Wuhan University, China.

Dramane Chabi Bouko
Sunghae Cho

Sunghae Cho, South Korea

Sunghae Cho is an assistant officer for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA).

During her Humphrey fellowship, she seeks to expand her skills in strategic planning, public management, and in areas of national security including mutually beneficial collaboration.

After her Humphrey fellowship, Sunghae plans to continue her career at DAPA as a program manager assisting and overseeing public policy. She earned a master’s in public administration from Yonsei University in Seoul and a bachelor’s in chemical science and engineering from Inha University in Incheon.

Wendpanga Dipama, Burkina Faso

Wendpanga Dipama works for Burkina Faso Ministry of Defense as the training director of the Armed Forces Military Academy. His interests include leadership development, national security, and counterterrorism.

On return to his country, Wendpanga’s goal is to improve the existing training curriculum in his organization and contribute to the National Center for Strategic Studies.

He earned a master's degree in defense and international politics from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and a master’s degree in defense and security from the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs in Paris.

Wendpanga Dipama
Juan Gowland

Juan Gowland, Argentina

Juan Gowland is the senior manager at PwC in the digital advisory area. During his fellowship year, he wishes to expand his knowledge in public-private partnerships to foster digital transformation.

Following the Humphrey fellowship, his goal is to earn a leading position in Argentina’s digital transformation agenda and contribute through the design of policy to reduce digital illiteracy to boost education and youth employment.

Juan earned a master’s public policy from Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires and a bachelor’s in political science from Universidad de San Andres in San Fernando, Argentina.

Mphatso Gunda, Malawi

Mphatso Gunda is a principal systems analyst at the Parliament of Malawi, responsible for continuous improvement of Parliamentary ICT systems that enhance accountability and transparency. She also ensures that members of Parliament are conversant and up to date with technological trends and policies.

As a Humphrey fellow, Mphatso’s interests include technology policy, policy analysis, and implementation. She seeks to learn best practices in public policy processes and understanding policy analysis in the technological space.

After the fellowship, Mphatso will apply these skills to effectively research and advise Parliamentary committees on ICT policies to help her country attain sustainable goals.

She earned a master’s in information management from Queensland University of Technology and a bachelor’s in information management from the University of Malawi.

Mphatso Gunda
Fawad Hassan

Fawad Hassan, Pakistan

Fawad Hassan is a civil servant currently working at the Ministry of Commerce in the Government of Pakistan.

During his Humphrey fellowship, he is interested in unfolding the dilemma of how public policies influence the pattern of growth and development in various parts of the world and explore how some economies converged with industrialized economies while others maintained an erratic and sporadic growth performance.

After his fellowship, Fawad aspires to implement his knowledge in introducing the latest quantitative/qualitative techniques and advanced methodologies in the policy formulation of Pakistan.

He was a Chevening Scholar and earned a master’s in the political economy of late development from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a master’s degree in development studies from the Institute of Management Sciences, Pakistan.

Aleksei Karnaukhov, Russia

Aleksei Karnaukhov is the director of the Anti-Corruption Policy Center at the Russian United Democratic Party Yabloko and a representative on the Council of the Khamovniki Municipal District of Moscow (2017-2022).

During his Humphrey fellowship, he seeks to learn about public administration, anti-corruption of politics, lobbying, effective public decision-making, and the use of AI to prevent and investigate corruption.

After his fellowship, Aleksei wants to prepare draft laws for his party to promote public integrity and fight corruption in his country. He also plans to summarize his experiences in a dissertation in a Ph.D. program.

Aleksei earned a master’s in law from the Higher School of Economics at National Research University in Moscow and a bachelor’s in law from Orel State University.

Aleksei Karnaukhov
Ahmad Noor

Ahmad Noor, Pakistan

Ahmad Noor is a civil servant currently posted in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Government of Pakistan and from South Waziristan. He coordinates with bilateral development partners USA/USAID, Australia and Canada for planning, arrangement and utilization of economic assistance in different development projects.

During his Humphrey Fellowship, Ahmad is interested in enhancing his academic knowledge, practical experience and administrative skills in public policy and public administration with a special focus on sustainable development, international development cooperation, and post-conflict reconstruction.

After the Humphrey Program, he intends to utilize his expertise in addressing the development needs of Pakistan and the socio-economic uplift of the former Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Ahmad earned a bachelor’s in political science from Government College University Lahore.

Burhan Rasool, Pakistan

Burhan Rasool has been an e-Governance expert with the Government of Punjab since 2011 and most recently General Manager, Punjab IT Board. He is also a member of Prime Minister of Pakistan’s Task Force on Institutional Reforms & Austerity.

He has been deeply involved in delivering and rollout of over 250 projects and technology initiatives, all developed in-house under his command. His interests as a fellow include public policy, smart cities, cybersecurity, big data analytics, and technology policy.

Following his Humphrey fellowship, Burhan hopes to build his credentials as a technocrat and work towards spearheading the digital transformation journey of Pakistan.

He earned a master’s in software project management from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in Islamabad.

Burhan Rasool
Khalisa Shahverdiyeva

Khalisa Shahverdiyeva, Azerbaijan

Khalisa Shahverdiyeva is a senior consultant at the UN Office in Azerbaijan. Her interests include public policy, gender policy, and gender-responsive climate policy.

After her fellowship, she hopes to influence public policy in Azerbaijan and advocate for changes at the state level for gender inequalities. Khalisa also hopes to become a regional expert on gender policy and provide expertise to local governments and international organizations in gender policy, including gender-responsive environment policy.

earned an L.L.M. in Public International Law and Human Rights from Riga Graduate School of Law in Latvia.