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Please work with the CAS director to select electives that meet your goals.

  • Indicate knowledge regarding the nature of the EU and several challenges that currently face the organization and their potential effects.
  • Identify several current European events and consider the impact on these events of the cultural, social, economic and political diversity represented among countries on this continent.
  • Demonstrate introductory skills in a European language or has spent time in an internship experience in Europe or completed a capstone exercise involving a European organization.

In completing the certificate program, students are required to take 12 credit hours of study focused on the region, including one of the following required courses:

  • PSC 756 Politics of the European Union
  • PSC 600 The EU and Beyond: Identity, Politics, and the New Europe* 
  • ANT/HUM/SOC 670 The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation in Central Europe**
*Offered during Summer at the University’s Strasbourg Center in France.
**Offered during Summer in Strasbourg, Berlin, and Wroclaw.

Students select 9 credits from a set of approved courses or approved other activities such as internships, language study, independent study or capstone experiences.

For complete CAS requirements, please visit the Course Catalog.

Application Information

Students who have been pre-approved by the director of the certificate program should complete the  Graduate Enrollment Internal Admission Application form to receive admission to the program. Once completed, the form should be submitted to Eleanor Langford at the Moynihan Institute (346-E Eggers Hall) who will pass it on to the Graduate Enrollment Management Processing Center (716 E. Washington Street). Please note that the “Program Code” for the certificate is EU10C.

    Please also remember that a Graduate Diploma Request Form must be completed through MySlice during the semester the student will graduate. Students must complete a separate form for each of their degree programs as each results in its own degree date and diploma.

    The director will recommend granting the certificate to students who have met all of the requirements (while maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for all classes taken towards it) and who are in good standing in their graduate school or department.  


    Glyn Morgan

    Glyn Morgan

    Associate Professor, Political Science Department

    Director, Center for European Studies

    540 Eggers Hall
    315.443.8678 |

    Eleanor Langford

    Eleanor Langford

    Regional Program Manager, Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

    346 Eggers Hall
    315.443.2935 |