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Please work with the CAS director to select electives that meet your goals.

The  interdisciplinary nature of the Certificate of Advanced Study in Security Studies complements students’ professional or doctoral degrees and enriches their specific field of study or research interest. Certificate recipients collaborate with students and faculty from a range of disciplines, including public administration, international relations, political science, law, history and communications.

Students benefit from the expertise of SPL faculty in military planning and operations, global counterterrorism and arms control policy, counter-proliferation policy, mass communication, terrorist methods, and diplomacy and international relations, as they learn to:

  • Identify and describe the central themes around globalization, global security, foreign policy and models of conflict, particularly the role nation-states and international organizations play in the modern global system.
  • Explain and evaluate traditional and non-traditional security threats. Think creatively about complex problems in order to produce, evaluate and implement innovative possible solutions, often as one member of a team.
  • Use knowledge of central themes (LO1) and security threats (LO2) in focused topic areas, such as international cybersecurity, security strategies in the Middle East, nuclear weapons, political risk assessment and press relations.
  • Communicate acquired knowledge and skills effectively to a range of professional audiences, evidenced through written and oral communication.

For complete CAS requirements, please visit the Course Catalog.

Required Courses

Students choose two of the following for a total of 6 credits.

  • Central Challenges in National Security Law and Policy (PAI 730/LAW 883)
  • Comparative Civil-Military Relations (PSC 785)
  • International Security (PAI 717)
  • National Security and Counterterrorism Research Center (LAW 882)
  • National Security Law (LAW 700)
  • US Defense Strategy (PAI 739)
  • US Intelligence Community: Governance and Practice (PAI 738)
  • US National Security Policy (PAI 718/PSC 718)

Elective Courses

Students choose two from a long list of electives for a total of 6 credits. Offerings vary by semester. For the latest approved electives, please visit the Institute for Security Law and Policy website.

Application Information

To obtain the Certificate you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Interested students should first consult with their Faculty Advisor who will determine whether the student can pursue the CAS in Security Studies, consistent with the requirements of his/her degree program.
  2. Students then must complete the Graduate School Internal Admission Application Form, signed by the students’ department representative. This application should be submitted to the SPL office during the fall semester of the student’s first year in his or her graduate program.
  3. Students also must fill out a Proposed Program of Study Form and submit it to the SPL office.
  4. The Professional Profile Form helps us connect you with our professional network. Please fill this form out and submit it to the SPL office.


Request information about our Certificates of Advanced Study.

If you require more information, contact the SPL office at or 315.443.2284.