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Certificates of Advanced Study

We offer a range of stand-alone certificates for midcareer professionals that can be earned without being matriculated into a degree program. Certificates may be completed on a full-time basis over one semester or on a part-time basis spanning a longer time period.

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Conflict and Collaboration

  • Online, on campus in Syracuse, N.Y., or both
  • 12 graduate-level credits
  • Open to non-matriculated students with a bachelor's degree (including midcareer) and all matriculated master’s students of Syracuse University

Learn skills you will use every day to manage conflicts and promote collaboration among individuals and diverse teams: Analyze how conflicts start and develop; identify how to intervene in conflicts; assess your own ability to deal with conflict; and apply skills in communication, negotiation, mediation and engagement.

Data Analytics for Public Policy

  • On campus in Syracuse, N.Y.
  • 15 graduate-level credits
  • Open to non-matriculated students with a bachelor's degree (including midcareer) and all matriculated master’s students of Syracuse University

Learn to turn data into actionable insights that move communities forward, and prepare to meet the increasing employer demand for professionals with expertise in extracting, storing, managing and utilizing data to inform decision-making. 

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Health Services Management and Policy

  • On campus in Syracuse, N.Y.
  • 12 graduate-level credits
  • Open to current public administration and international affairs graduate students and non-matriculated midcareer students

Strengthen your health care policy and management skills to keep pace in a rapidly changing environment and play an important role in helping to promote access, cost and quality amid these dynamic market forces. Choose electives from across the University in such areas as health and social policy, health law, demography, management and economics.

Leadership of International and Non-Government Organizations

  • On-campus in Syracuse, N.Y., and Washington, D.C.
  • 12 graduate-level credits
  • Open to matriculated executive master’s students (E.M.P.A., E.M.I.R. and E.M.I.R. in D.C.), and non-matriculated midcareer students

Grow your expertise leading international and non-governmental organizations that are deeply involved in functions previously managed by national governments including service delivery, poverty reduction, conflict management and corruption prevention.


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Public Leadership and Management

  • Online or on campus in Syracuse, N.Y.
  • 12 graduate-level credits
  • Open to matriculated executive master's students (E.M.P.A., E.M.I.R.), and non-matriculated midcareer students

Improve your public management and leadership skills or develop concrete knowledge of a specific policy area through this rigorous academic program.


Non-Degree Programs and Short-Format Courses

Learn new skills or deepen your knowledge in a specialized area. We offer a menu of flexible course options for working professionals to boost their effectiveness and ability to improve their communities.

Leading Smart Cities with Trust

  • Online program
  • Eight-week, non-degree professional certificate
  • Open to the public. All professionals with responsibilities or interest in Smart City initiatives are eligible to apply.
  • Next cohort: Fall 2024

A fast-paced professional certificate. Participants will learn from government, academia and private sector leaders to gain a solid foundation of knowledge for Smart City initiatives while building a professional network.


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Veterans Program for Politics and Civic Engagement

  • Online and on campus in Syracuse, N.Y.
  • Non-degree professional certificate
  • Open to all veterans and their family members who demonstrate a strong potential for a future career in politics and an interest in running for public office

Learn the fundamentals of campaigning, fundraising, platform development, messaging and public communications, and reflect on your skills and which political offices are a good fit for you.

Public Administration and International Affairs Department
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