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A Flexible Degree for Experienced Global Professionals

Executive Master's in International Relations (EMIR)

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Executive Master's in IR Core Requirements

The E.M.I.R.. requires 30 credits, 9 of which satisfy the core requirements of the program. These three courses include:

  • PAI Executive Education Seminar: Managerial Leadership
  • PAI Master’s Project Course
  • either PSC Comparative Foreign Policy OR PAI Governance and Global Civil Society

The remaining 21 credits will be divided into three categories: 1) those that constitute a specific career track for the student (9 credits), 2) those that are focused on a particular region of the world (3 credits), and 3) electives from the range of relevant courses offered across the Maxwell School departments (9 credits). Some of these elective courses may be selected, with permission, from another college or school of the University.

Executive Master's in IR Career Tracks

Students in the E.M.I.R. program choose three courses (9 credits) from one of the following career tracks:

  • Foreign Policy
  • Global Development Policy
  • Global Markets
  • Global Security
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Transnational Organizations and Leadership

Executive Master's in IR Regional Foci

Students in the E.M.I.R. program choose one course (3 credits) from one of the the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East

Concurrent Certificates of Advanced Study (Optional)

Students enrolled in our Executive Master's in International Relations programs are also eligible to earn a concurrent certificate as they work toward their degree:
  • Conflict and Collaboration
  • Data Analytics for Public Policy
  • Health Services Management and Policy
  • Leadership of International and Non-Government Organizations
  • Postconflict Reconstruction
  • Public Leadership and Management
  • Security Studies


Zachary Krahmer

Seeking reconciliation in polarized times

I loved the diversity of my classmates and my exposure to real-world problems...The experience shaped my vision for where I wanted to be in the future, giving me the skills to build relationships with multicultural audiences.”

Zachary Krahmer '21 E.M.I.R.

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