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most students in the IR master’s program receive merit-based assistance


while IR master’s program admissions criteria are selective, about half of applicants are admitted


of Maxwell faculty conduct research outside of the U.S.

Kelli Sunabe

Fellowships for the Public Good

One thing I would stress for students applying to Maxwell is make sure to apply for financial aid and not to delay or be afraid of asking,” says Kelli Sunabe, whose Robertson Foundation for Government Fellowship covers full tuition plus a stipend. Kelli is finishing her Maxwell studies as a Boren Fellow in Tapei and improving her Mandarin proficency.

Kelli Sunabe ’22 M.P.A./M.A. in international relations

Robertson Foundation for Government Fellow; Boren Fellow

Read Peace Corps, Fulbright Evacuees Find Community, Opportunity at Maxwell School

Funding and Scholarships Available

Don’t go it alone.

For expert guidance on how to complete a successful application, please attend an upcoming information session with the associate director of admission and financial aid.

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