Caribbean & Latin America

The Department of Anthropology has a strong record of research in Latin America and the Caribbean focusing on both cultural and archaeological studies.  Four of the department's faculty and a fifth anthropologist at the university work within this region.  street dancing in Latin America Currently our faculty are engaged in research in Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, and the US Virgin Islands with research interests and experience spanning the region and graduate students working in more than a dozen Caribbean and Latin American countries.  Faculty and students are supported by the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean (PLACA). PLACA hosts speakers, seminars, and working groups on Latin America and the Caribbean, and mobilizes the expertise of fifteen faculty from history, sociology, public administration, geography, and anthropology, as well as the energies of over forty graduate students from throughout the School. Participating faculty offer relevant courses and seminars, and interested students can earn a Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. PLACA also provides small seed grants to graduate students interested in conducting research in Latin America or the Caribbean.

parade in the Caribbean