Field Trips

Corning Museum of Glass, Fall 2014

Professor Singleton's ANT 141, Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory visited the Corning Museum of Glass located in Corning, NY on November 15, 2014. After a tour of the museum, the students had an opportunity to participate in glass blowing workshops.  The pictures below are of students who attended the trip last year in 2013.  The student on the left is helping the craftswoman make a flower, while the student on the right is helping the craftsman make a hand-blown ornament.  All of the students who participated in the workshops were able to keep their finished products.

student heating glass, student blowing glass, student holing glass ornament


Farmer's Museum - Cooperstown, NY, Fall 2006

In Fall 2006, Professor DeCorse's ANT 141 Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory visited the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown, NY. Students went to see the legendary Cardiff Giant, an infamous archaeological hoax of Central New York. They also enjoyed the festivities of the annual Harvest Festival and the Fenimore Art Museum.

horse drawn wagon, student at farmer's museum, students on merry go round