About the Tanner Lecture Series

What does it mean to be an ethical citizen? What do the needs for public responsibility demand from us, whether we work in the private or the public sectors, and whether we are entry-level employees or top leaders? The Tanner Lecture Series on Ethics, Citizenship, and Public Responsibility provides a public forum for exploring these questions in provocative and challenging ways. Speakers are leaders in their fields who have wrestled with these questions and demonstrated—through their life and work—that generative efforts can enrich both our private and public lives. Collectively the lectures aim to stimulate audiences to re-envision their own responsibilities in different, and at times deliberately unsettling ways—not merely to inform, but to engage and provoke, and to leave a lasting impression that influences future behavior. The Tanner Lecture Series seeks to expand horizons and spark new conversations about the problems and opportunities we collectively face as citizens of nations and of the world.

The series has been generously endowed by Dr. W. Lynn Tanner, Founder and Executive Chairman, of TEC Canada, a leadership development organization dedicated to accelerating the growth and development of outstanding twenty-first century leaders. Dr. Tanner received his Ph.D. from the Maxwell School in 1975, where his studies focused on organizational change and development in the public and private sectors.

The Tanner Lecture Series is administered through the Campbell Public Affairs Institute. The starting times for these events will vary so please check back frequently. For in-person lectures, a reception will immediately follow. Communications Access Realtime Translation (CART) will be provided. These events are recorded with Closed Captioning, unless otherwise noted. For additional information, please contact Kelley Coleman at 315.443.9707 or kgcolema@syr.edu.

Reclaiming Trust in an Age of Misinformation
Marta Tellado, President and CEO of Consumer Reports

Wed., March 24, 2021 | 5:00 PM EST | VIRTUAL 

Maria Tellado

Marta L. Tellado leads America’s foremost consumer organization—an independent nonprofit that works side by side with consumers to advance truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace.  She is known as a transformational leader with a talent for innovation, a passion for public service, and a distinguished portfolio of accomplishments in mission-driven organizations. 

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