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Advancing Citizenship and Public Leadership

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Tanner Lecture We Matter with Etan Thomas
Campbell Institute faculty publish award-winning books on a wide range of topics. View a sample of recently published works, or visit the Maxwell School Faculty Bookshelf for more.

The Invented State: Policy Misperceptions in the American Public

Emily Thorson

Oxford University Press, 2024

Federal, Media & Journalism, State & Local


Black Women Taught Us: An Intimate History of Black Feminism

Jenn M. Jackson

Penguin Random House, 2024

Black, Gender and Sex, Social Justice, United States


The Constitution’s Penman: Gouverneur Morris and the Creation of America’s Basic Charter

Dennis Rasmussen

University Press of Kansas, 2023

Government, United States

Baobao Zhang Headshot

Baobao Zhang has received up to $200K to research the role of citizens in the governance of artificial intelligence systems.

Shana Gadarian

Gadarian, professor of political science and senior research associate with the Campbell Institute, is the 3rd Maxwell faculty member to earn this prestigious research award in four years.

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This policy brief examines the root causes of partisan polarization in order to propose effective solutions for remedying the damaged political system in the United States.

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This program supports research and teaching on law and politics through hosting research seminars in which scholars present their research and by funding a research assistantship for a political science doctoral candidate each year.

Lecture Series

Campbell's lecture series bring together people with a diverse range of perspectives and interests to open dialogue, foster understanding and give the power of knowledge.

Bantle Symposium on Business and Government Policy

Campbell Debates

Campbell Lectures

Phanstiel Lecture Series on Leadership

State of Democracy Lecture Series

Tanner Lecture Series on Ethics, Citizenship and Public Responsibility

State of Democracy Lecture with Mayor Miner in full Maxwell Auditorium
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Campbell Conversation Spotlight

You probably know the name James Garfield, but how much else do you know about him, and why might he and his political times be relevant to considering today’s political landscape? Host Grant Reeher interviews C. W. Goodyear, a historian who has written a new definitive biography of him. His book is titled President Garfield: From Radical to Unifier.

December 9, 2023

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