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Alexander Anthony

Alexander Anthony

Contact Information:

PhD Advisor:

Guido Pezzarossi

Alexander Anthony

Ph.D. Student, Anthropology Department

Highest degree earned

M.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Alex is a doctoral student in anthropology with a focus in historical archaeology. His primary research is on the influences of prison reform movements and ideology on the human and spatial/material dimensions and experiences of incarceration in late 18th - early 20th century Southern Italy. His interest in institutional sites stems from over a decade of field and laboratory experience including multiple single-room schoolhouses, a 19th-century Kanza Native American reservation, and Spike Island Prison in Cork Harbor, Ireland. He holds a M.S. in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His M.S. thesis is an analysis of the material medical waste interred with individuals at the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery in an attempt to narrow down from which county medical institution the waste, and thus the associated human remains, originated. Alex’s research interests also include the Irish Diaspora due to his extensive involvement in the CRM excavation and analysis of an Irish-American farmstead in central Wisconsin. His field and lab experience extend over a decade and include projects in the Midwest, Great Plains, Pacific Northwest, and the Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. Additionally, his more recent experience leading archaeological survey in Western Sicily has familiarized him with some of the complexities of the region.