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Bejoy Das Gupta

Bejoy Das Gupta

Contact Information:


Bejoy Das Gupta

Adjunct Professor, Maxwell in Washington, D.C.

Chief Economist, eCurrency

Highest degree earned

D.Phil., Christ Church (Oxford)


Bejoy Das Gupta has over 30 years of experience in the analysis of economic policy, capital flows, financial sector, country risk and digital finance, including financial inclusion and central bank digital currency (CBDC). He is an expert on the economies of the Asia/Pacific region, working closely with central banks, regulators and governments on policy choice and reforms, and advising the private sector on investing and risk management.

Das Gupta is the Washington, D.C.-based chief economist of eCurrency, the Silicon Valley firm at the cutting edge of technology for powering a central bank digital currency (CBDC). He leads the engagement with central banks, regulators and multilateral institutions, articulating the need for CBDCs and design, implementation and policy considerations. He is a member of the CBDC Technology Forum of the Bank of England, which is advising on the exploration of a digital pound for the UK. He is also a vice chair of the Working Group on Policy and Governance of the ITU’s Digital Currency Global Initiative, leading it financial inclusion workstream.

Das Gupta was formerly the chief economist for Asia/Pacific at the Institute of International Finance, where he managed the economic analysis of the Asia/Pacific region and led its regional engagement/partnerships with senior officials and the financial sector. He was a founding advisory board member of the Mandiri Institute. He is a graduate of the LSE and holds a master's and a doctorate from Christ Church, Oxford.

Areas of Expertise

Global macro and capital flows, digital finance and emerging markets