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Jenna Sikka

Jenna Sikka

Contact Information:

Jenna Sikka

Ph.D. Student, Sociology Department

Graduate Research Associate, South Asia Center

Highest degree earned

BA, Sociology - Maharaja Sayajirao University, 2005
MA, Sociology - Syracuse University, 2013


Jenna began her Ph.D. in Sociology at Syracuse University in the Fall of 2011.  Originally from India, Jenna received her master's degree in sociology and bachelor's of law degree from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Her areas of interest include international migration and transnationalism, women and gender studies, qualitative methods and South Asia. Her dissertation project seeks to explore a recent and significant trend among first-generation Indian American families who have had an otherwise 'successful' migration experience in the United States: making a permanent move back to India. She explores the following themes in her research: the ways in which Indian men and women connect with their home country in different ways while in the U.S., how they recollect the decision-making process of moving back to India, how transnational connections facilitate successful return and reintegration into Indian life, and how resettlement and reintegration processes in India are mediated by gender.

Research Interests

International migration and Transnationalism, Women and gender studies, Qualitative methods and South Asia