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Meghan Kelly

Meghan Kelly

Contact Information:

144A Eggers Hall

Meghan Kelly

Assistant Professor, Geography and the Environment Department


Geo 381: Cartographic Design

Highest degree earned

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, 2020


I work at the intersection of cartography, feminist theory and digital storytelling. I am particularly interested in the role of power in spatial data, map design and mapping processes. My most recent project, for example, examines the ubiquity and use of satellite data in the news and our everyday lives through a Black feminist lens.

In my work, I aim to rethink and expand conventional cartographic tools and techniques through alternative perspectives. Additionally, I am a professional cartographer, and my work can be found in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Science.

The most up-to-date information about me can be found on my website: 

Areas of Expertise

Cartography, feminist mapping, critical GIS, community geography, digital storytelling, feminist digital geographies


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