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Mehdi Nejatbakhsh

Mehdi Nejatbakhsh

Contact Information:

Mehdi Nejatbakhsh

Ph.D. Student, Sociology Department

Highest degree earned

MS, Urban Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2014
BA, Urban Planning, University of Tehran, 2010


Mehdi started his PhD in Sociology at Syracuse University in the Fall 2016. Prior to this, he earned a BA in Urban Planning from University of Tehran and a MS in Urban Studies from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His master’s thesis there focused on the effects of Globalization on new generations in terms of Cosmopolitanism. After completing his master’s degree, he also worked for one year voluntarily in a community center in Milwaukee for refugee resettlement. Beside globalization and cosmopolitanism, his current research interests also include (cultural and national) identity, political sociology, immigration and refugees, the Middle East, and Iran. 

Research Interests

Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, National and Cultural Identity, Political Sociology, Immigration and Diaspora, the Middle East and Iran