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Taylor Harman

Taylor Harman

Contact Information:

PhD Advisor:

Shannon A. Novak

Taylor Harman

Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology Department

Highest degree earned

M.S., Syracuse University


Taylor Harman is a doctoral student in anthropology with a research focus in biological anthropology. She holds a B.S. in molecular biology (2017) from the University of California, San Diego and an M.S. in exercise science (2019) from Syracuse University. This diverse academic background informs her interdisciplinary approach to research, which seeks to combine crucial elements from both STEM and the humanities.

Her dissertation work will focus on the unique physiological, genetic, and epigenetic adaptations of Nepali Sherpa, who are known for exhibiting impressive resilience and physical prowess in the face of severe environmental hypoxia. This work will be largely informed by previous work in human adaptation and molecular biology, as well as by anthropological theories of embodiment.