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Yuwei Zhang headshot

Yuwei Zhang

Contact Information:


426 Eggers Hall

Yuwei Zhang

Ph.D. Student, Public Administration and International Affairs Department

Graduate Research Associate, Center for Policy Research

Graduate Research Associate, East Asia Program

Highest degree earned

M.P.A., Brown University, 2022


Yuwei is originally from Guangdong, China. Prior to matriculating to Syracuse University, Yuwei worked at Duke School of Medicine, researching the health impact of sustainable and scalable produce-prescription programs.

Yuwei is interested in food policy, social policy, and plans to study how systemic barriers to healthy food access can be broken down sustainably to mitigate the nation’s pressing food insecurity issues.

He is also interested in exploring how family food choices are influenced by their cultural, familial and economic means.

Research Interests

Food policy, social policy