Undergraduate Program

The Department of Economics at the Syracuse University has a national reputation of excellence in microeconomic research and analysis of public policies.

Undergraduates may earn either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.). Students benefit from the Department's commitment to teaching excellence, the availability of the faculty, the presence of our regular faculty in all courses, outstanding advising, and an active economics club. In addition, students are eligible for Omicron Delta Epsilon (an honors society) and awards for academic distinction.

Many members of the department have received public recognition for their work. As a group, they have held economic policy positions in government; served as consultants to business, governments, and international organizations; are editors of leading academic journals; and the recipients of numerous recognitions and honors. Students benefit as well from the insights and policy-oriented perspectives these experiences bring to the classroom.

Note: For select students seeking to distinguish themselves within the Economics major, the Department offers the "Program of Distinction in Economics".

Degree Requirements

Economics, BA

Quantitative Skills of the Arts & Sciences Liberal Arts Core
The department faculty recommends that Arts and Sciences students take MAT 194 and MAT 284 or higher calculus levels to satisfy their Quantitative Skills requirement in the Arts & Sciences Core. In addition any MAT course above 230 will also satisfy three of the twelve credits needed to fulfill the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Divisional Perspectives of the Arts and Sciences Core. 

 MAT 284 cannot be used to satisfy both the quantitative skills requirement and the divisional perspectives requirement. 

Economics, BS

Minor Requirements

Economics Minor

ECN 310 Microeconomics for Business may NOT be taken for credit towards the major or minor.