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Maxwell Undergraduates Nikita Chatterjee (Economics) and Brianna Howard (Public Health) with sewing machine and cloth.

Perspective Drives Progress

Undergraduates Nikita Chatterjee (economics) and Brianna Howard (public health) have launched PAANI, an innovative project that could help decrease the prevalence of water-borne illnesses in some of India's poorest neighborhoods. Women are typically tasked with gathering water from sources that are not clean. By building a prototype water filtration system into the sari—a garment worn by women throughout India—Nikita and Brianna are turning an everyday object into a solution that improves lives.

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Undergraduate Studies

Under the guidance of distinguished faculty, students develop the quantitative skills to think critically about the relationships between resources, incentives and behaviors that inform the decision-making process. Along with one-on-one advising and a breadth of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, economics majors graduate with a portfolio of methods, problem-solving techniques and practical experience that is highly valued by employers.

Graduate Studies

While there are separate tracks toward the M.A. and the Ph.D., both esteemed graduate degree programs focus on applied and policy-related economics. Emphasizing a strong foundation of theory, statistical and econometric methods, students develop advanced understanding of market functions and hone analytical skills that are in high demand across a wide range of fields.

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Go Further With a Dual Master's Degree in International Relations

Customize your M.A. in economics with a joint M.A. in international relations. Earn two degrees in just two years.

Explore Urban Economics

Our faculty comprises one of the strongest and most active research groups in the areas of urban, regional and real estate economics. Our focus and depth allows us to offer two semester-long Ph.D. courses in urban economics and related areas augmented by a third upper level undergraduate course in real estate economics that many of our Ph.D. students audit.

What can you do with an economics degree?

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The two-day event drew scholars from across the U.S. as well as Canada and England.
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The Ralph E. Montonna Endowed Fund for the Teaching and Education of Undergraduates is designed to support a professor with notable engagement in undergraduate education.
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Our new accelerated bachelor's/master's in economics option allows highly accomplished B.S. graduates to complete the M.A. program with just one additional year of study. Up to four courses, including two that are required for the B.S., can be counted toward both degrees.
Badi Baltagi

This special issue celebrates Distinguished Professor of Economics Badi Baltagi’s myriad contributions to the field of econometrics, as well as his four decades of service to the journal.

Lia Chabot and Otto

As a research associate with the Maxwell X Lab, Chabot researched and presented data on mortgage fraud by negligent landlords in Syracuse that led to the City filing a case with the State's District Attorney's office.

Economics Department
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