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From Exclusion to Power: Labor Law and the Right to Organize Among Domestic and Farm Workers

060 Eggers

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Labor Symposium presented by PARCC's Labor Studies Working Group. Millions are excluded by law or practice from the basic protections and bargaining rights afforded to most workers in the United States. Guest workers, prison workers, and restaurant workers who survive on tips are all examples of workers who do not have the bare minimum of rights required for creating workplaces of respect and dignity. However, millions of these “excluded workers” are now organizing across the United States to achieve not only specific goals like coverage under minimum wage laws, but also a more fundamental human right to organize and collectively bargain with their employers. This symposium will grapple with the challenges and recent organizing successes for these workers. Bringing together academic experts and activists, the program will include two separate panels that hope to both raise awareness about the plight of these workers and build common organizing strategies across different sectors. Sponsored by PARCC - Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration. Follow @PARCCatMaxwell, #LaborSU

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