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COVID-19 and Policy: Looking Backward and Looking Forward


Workshop Materials

Meet US Army Captain Bong Chi, Defense Comptrollership Program Military-Connected Student

June 1, 2023

The Defense Comptroller Program at Syracuse University educates and trains the Department of Defense’s financial managers at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management where students receive an MBA, and at the Maxwell School where students earn an E.M.P.A.

McDowell Quoted in DW Article on the Decline of the Dollar’s Dominance in the Middle East

June 1, 2023

"Statements are easy, action is more difficult," says Daniel McDowell, associate professor of political science. "For oil-producing states, like Saudi Arabia, these sorts of statements and agitations are also a way to get America's attention. Flirting with the Chinese may make American policymakers focus more attention on the interests of the Gulf states." 

Peer to Peer Forums Showcase Expertise, Global Perspectives

May 31, 2023

Eleven Executive Education students, fellows or scholars presented at Peer to Peer forums during this academic year. The sessions included a 15- to 20-minute presentation followed by a robust question-and-answer session. Presenters came from across Maxwell’s Executive Education programs, including the Humphrey Fellows cohort.

Sean O’Keefe ’78 MPA Joins Government Hall of Fame

May 31, 2023

The University Professor and Phanstiel Chair in Leadership was recognized for his public service roles, including four presidential appointments. 

Racial Resentment and Support for COVID-19 Travel Bans in the United States

May 31, 2023

"Racial resentment and support for COVID-19 travel bans in the United States," co-authored by Professor and Chair of Political Science Shana Gadarian was published in Political Science Research and Methods.

Audie Klotz Receives 2023 Wasserstrom Prize for Graduate Teaching

May 30, 2023

Audie Klotz, professor of political science, is the 2023 recipient of the Willian Wasserstrom Prize for Teaching of Graduate Students. The prize is awarded to a faculty member who exemplifies the qualities of William Wasserstrom, a noted professor of English at Syracuse, who died in 1985.

Collegiate Recovery Programs are An Effective But Underused Resource on College Campuses

May 26, 2023
This brief explores the barriers to accessing Collegiate Recovery Programs on college campuses and provides recommendations to enhance student engagement and wellbeing.

Gadarian Speaks with WBUR About the Politicization of COVID-19 and Its Impact on Democracy

May 26, 2023

“It turns out that partisanship just swamped everything else as early as March of 2020," says Shana Gadarian, professor and chair of political science. 

Purser Discusses Syracuse’s Housing Market, High Rent Costs in Article

May 24, 2023

“Certainly, there’s not enough affordable housing,” says Gretchen Purser, associate professor of sociology. “You have a situation of high poverty and a really kind of outrageous rental market in Syracuse.”

McDowell Talks to Foreign Policy About De-Dollarization

May 23, 2023

“To me, de-dollarization just means a government’s ability to reduce its dependence or reliance on the dollar,” says Daniel McDowell, associate professor of political science. “I think the key thing here is to try to distinguish or separate the concept of de-dollarization from the end of dollar dominance. I don’t think those two things have to go together.”

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