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Financial Management Aspects of Property Taxation Workshop


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This online workshop is part of the " Syracuse Webinar Series on Property Tax Administration and Design." The workshop showcases three studies that examine aspects of property tax administration that are related to public financial management and policy implementation.

One paper analyses state transfers (aids) for property assessment at the county level, using data from California’s state-county Assessors' Partnership Agreement Program, for a deep dive into local governments' spending on property tax administration. It offers an innovative look into the interface between intergovernmental relations and tax administration. The second paper offers insights into appeals by property owners about value assessment. Using US nationwide data, the author attempts to extract patterns and trends. The third paper explores the interwoven outcome of two somewhat conflicting policies in Japan on protecting farmland in the suburbs, generating provocative results that point to policy streamlining and uniformity.

Each presentation will be 30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers. 

This workshop is designed for researchers in the public financial management area and others who are particularly interested in property tax administration.

Geoffrey Propheter University of Colorado-Denver An Analysis of California’s State-County Assessors’ Partnership Agreement Program on County Assessment Administration Spending
Iuliia Shybalkina University of Kentucky Property Tax Assessment Appeals in the United States: Overview of Patterns and Trends
Tomomi Miyazaki Kobe University, Japan Property Tax Reform and Land Use: Evidence from Japan



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