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Lectures and Seminars Events

  • Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture on Health Policy 2023

    Eggers Hall, 220

    Kosali Simon, the Herman B. Wells Endowed Professor at Indiana University, will present at this year's Lourie Lecture.

  • CAPS Seminar: Jessica Ho


    Jessica Ho, Pennsylvania State University, presenting on "Causes of America's Lagging Life Expectancy: An International Comparative Perspective."

  • DHERN Conference


    The Disability Health Equity Research Network (DHERN) is hosting a virtual conference on ‘Redefining Health for Disability Equity.’

  • CPR Seminar Series: Brian Powell


    Brian Powell, James H. Rudy Professor of Sociology, Indiana University, will present, "WHO SHOULD PAY? Higher Education, Responsibility, and the Public" as part of the CPR Seminar Series.

  • Dmitry Bykov: The Russian opposition in exile - does it have a future?

    Maxwell Hall, 204

    What future does Russia’s opposition have, given the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine and more than two decades of Putin’s rule?

  • Daniel F. Runde: Using Soft Power to Compete with Russia and China

    Eggers Hall, 220

    Join international development expert Daniel Runde to discuss his new book, "The American Imperative."

  • CAPS Seminar: Gopi Shah Goda


    Gopi Shah Goda, Stanford University, will present on "The Interplay between Research and Policy: Lessons from the White House."

  • Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs and Cartels

    Maxwell Hall, Maxwell Auditorium

    Ioan Grillo, author of the book, "Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs and Cartels," will discuss the market for guns in the Americas and how it has made the continent the most murderous on earth.

  • Geography and the Environment- Donald Meinig Undergraduate Lecture

    Eggers Hall, 220 (Strasser Legacy Room)

    "No Analogue: What Can Tree Rings Tell Us in a Changed Climate?" with Amy Hessl, Department of Geology & Geography, West Virginia University.

  • CPR Seminar Series: Graduate Student Seminar

    Eggers Hall, 426

    Graduate students will present as part of the CPR Seminar Series.

  • Otey Scruggs Memorial Lecture

    Eggers Hall, 220

    The History Department presents the annual Otey Scruggs Memorial Lecture with Jamie Kreiner, professor of history at the University of Georgia.

  • BLM, BHM, DEI, CRT: Alphabets Against American Amnesia

    Maxwell Hall, Maxwell Auditorium

    Michael Eric Dyson, Vanderbilt University, will present the Tanner Lecture on polarization surrounding conversations about race in America.

  • CAPS Seminar: Rachel Margolis


    Rachel Margolis, associate professor at the University of Western Ontario presenting, "Life Events, Loneliness Trajectories, and Loneliness Transitions Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults Around the World"

  • Jerry Miner Lecture Series: Nora Gordon

    Eggers Hall, 060

    Nora Gordon (Georgetown University) will present as part of the Jerry Miner Lecture Series.

  • Andrew F. Smith Lecture: The Past and Future of the COVID Pandemic in Low & Middle Income Countries

    Maxwell Hall, 117

    Andrew F. Smith Lecture with Mushfiq Mobarak: "The Past and Future of the Covid Pandemic in Low and Middle Income Countries."

  • "Fighting Better" with Louis Kriesberg

    Eggers Hall, 220

    Louis Kriesberg will join Maxwell faculty to discuss his new book “Fighting Better: Constructive Conflicts in America.”

  • CAPS Methodology Workshop: Trenton Mize

    Eggers Hall, 060

    CAPS Methodology Workshop featuring Trenton Mize of Purdue University presenting on data visualization using Stata.

  • Paul Volcker Lecture in Behavioral Economics

    Eggers Hall, 220

    Kevin Volpp (University of Pennsylvania) will present "Behavioral Economics and Health" at the annual Paul Volcker Lecture in Behavioral Economics.

  • Gathering Evidence of Atrocities: Investigations in Former Soviet Union, Guatemala, Iraq and Ukraine

    Hall of Languages, 107

    Scholars Ewa Schaller and David M. Crane L'80 will discuss documenting war crimes and atrocities in in the former Soviet Union, Guatemala, Iraq, and Ukraine and implications for international courts.

  • CPR Seminar Series: Gabriela Kirk-Werner

    Eggers Hall, 060

    Gabriela Kirk-Werner (Syracuse University) will present, "Reforming the Shadow Carceral State: the Repeal of Prison Pay-to-Stay Laws in Illinois" as part of the CPR Seminar Series.