Anne Bellows

Graduate Program Director, Food Studies

Anne Bellows

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304D Lyman Hall
(315) 443-4228

Professor, Food Studies


Ph.D., Geography, Rutgers University

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Anne C. Bellows joined the Department of Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition as professor of food studies in January 2013. As University Professor since 2007 at Hohenheim University, Bellows was the tenured chair in the Department of Gender and Nutrition and deputy director of the Institute for Social Sciences in Agriculture in the Faculty of Agriculture. She was also the director of the Research Center for Gender and Nutrition, a think tank for the university.

With an extensive portfolio of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and presentations, her research interests include food and nutrition systems and economies; linkages between sustainable agriculture, development and livelihoods; human rights and the right to adequate food and nutrition, including food and nutrition security; civil society, social movements, and food sovereignty; community public health; urban-rural food linkages in terms of production for trade and household consumption, migration, nutritional health, biodiversity, food safety, food practices and praxis, cultural integrity and identity, social justice, gender, and children. She has been recognized for teaching and research excellence, receiving funding support for her work from diverse agencies and foundations including the American Council of Learned Societies, the International Research and Exchanges Board, Open Society Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, U.S. Agency for International Development, Johnson and Johnson Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation, Foundation fiat panis, Misereor, Heinrich Böll Foundation, and the European Union-supported EcoFair Trade Dialogue Projects.


Select Forthcoming Publications

  • Bellows AC, Valente FSL, Lemke S (eds.) 2015 (November) Gender, Nutrition, and the Human Right to Adequate Food: toward an inclusive framework. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.
  • Bellows AC, Núñez Burbano de Lara MD, Viana RdSG. (Chapter One) “The Evolving Nature of the Human Rights System and the Development of the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition Concept.” in Bellows AC, Valente FSL, Lemke S (eds.)
  • Bellows AC, Núñez Burbano de Lara MD. (Chapter Two) “Gender, Nutrition, and the Right to Adequate Food: Introducing Two Structural Disconnects and the Human Rights Processes Necessary to Address Them.” in Bellows AC, Valente FSL, Lemke S (eds.)
  • Bellows AC, Jenderedjian A. (Chapter Three) “Violence and Women's Participation in the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition.” in Bellows AC, Valente FSL, Lemke S (eds.)
  • Lhotska L, Scherbaum V, Bellows AC. (Chapter Four) “Maternal, Infant and Young Child Feeding: Intertwined Subjectivities and Corporate Accountability.” in Bellows AC, Valente FSL, Lemke S (eds.)
  • Lemke S, Bellows AC. (Chapter Five) “Sustainable Food Systems, Gender, and Participationi: Foregrounding Women in the Context of the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition.” in Bellows AC, Valente FSL, Lemke S (eds.)
  • Gonzalez Y, Potteiger M, Bellows AC, Weissman E, Mees C. “The Discourse of Obesity and Public Health in Planning and Participation in New York City Gardens.” Book chapter submitted (August 2014); accepted. Brown S, McIvor K, Snyder EH (Eds). Sowing Seeds in the City: Human Considerations of Urban Agriculture. Springer.

Select Recent Publications

  • Bellows AC, Lemke S, Jenderedjian A, Scherbaum V. 2015. “A rights-based analysis of gender, nutrition, and structural exclusion: case studies from Georgia and South Africa.” Journal Violence Against Women. 21(9).
  • Bellows AC, Nunez MDBdL. 2015. “The Human Right to Adequate Food.” in Albala K (Ed.) The SAGE Encyclopedia of Food Issues. Sage Publications.
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  • Bellows AC, Neuenroth C. 2013. “Confronting Structural Violence, Changing Policy: Women's Organizational Strategies for Overcoming Discrimination and Hunger.” Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2013. Brot fuer die Welt, FIAN International, ICCO Cooperation. Pp. 33-46.
  • Gao H, Stiller CK, Scherbaum V, Biesalski HK, Wang Q, Hormann E, Bellows AC. 2013. “Dietary Intake and Food Habits of Pregnant Women residing in urban and rural areas of Deyang City, Sichuan Province, China.” Nutrients. Special issue: Infant Nutrition. 5(8), 2933-2954.
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  • Anderson M, Bellows AC. 2012. Guest Editors. Special Issue: “Food Sovereignty” in Agriculture and Human Values. 2012, Issue 2.