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Gifts Made in Honor of These Individuals

  • Joan Brodsky
  • Jose Calvar III
  • William D. Coplin
  • Sheila W. Gillert
  • Sheila S. Horowitch
  • Neil H. Katz
  • Tina Nabatchi
  • Ann T. Phelps
  • Jerome C. Premo
  • Ronald J. Rudolph
  • Emma Rose Sheridan
  • Sidney Sufrin
  • Stuart J. Thorson
  • Aron Tobias
  • David M. Van Slyke
  • Ann G. Wicks


Gifts Made in Memory of These Individuals

  • Molly C. Broad
  • Robert W. Broad
  • Walter D. Broadnax
  • David S. Brown
  • Linda M. Brzezinski
  • John S. Burdick
  • Jesse V. Burkhead
  • Alan K. Campbell
  • Russell B. Captor
  • Christopher C. Cartwright
  • Steven A. Clark
  • Mary J. Coleman
  • D. Joyce Downey
  • Eric Henry Faigle
  • Michael P. Freedman
  • Julian R. Friedman
  • Marvin Gittler
  • Louis G. Harkness
  • Brady Kay Howell
  • John Iglauer
  • Thomas J. Kerr IV
  • Ralph L. Ketcham
  • Stephen P. Koff
  • Louis Richard Mariani
  • James R. McIntosh
  • Susan S. Meyers
  • Howard F. Miller
  • William A. Morrill
  • Daniel G. Pauwels
  • Richard E. Ratcliff
  • John P. Roy
  • Michael O. Sawyer
  • Floyd B. Schwartzwalder
  • George Shields
  • Rose Shields
  • Roy D. Simmons Sr.
  • Joseph Timothy Smeeding
  • Joseph Spector
  • Gary Spencer
  • William Stinchcombe
  • Matthew R. Wanetik

All gifts were made July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Gifts to Maxwell are recorded also as gifts to Syracuse University, with attendant honors and benefits. Class years (e.g. ’90) reflect all Syracuse University degrees. H denotes an honorary degree. An asterisk (*) indicates that the donor is deceased.

The utmost care was taken in the preparation of the Honor Roll of Donors. We apologize for any omissions, misspellings or other errors. If you have questions, contact or write to 200 Eggers Hall, Maxwell School, Syracuse, N.Y. 13244-1020.

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200 Eggers Hall