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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of History
Vlasak, Marian

Marian  Vlasak  ABD  

Field of Study

Modern American


David H. Bennett

Dissertation Title

The War of More: The 20th Century American Military Logistic Dilemma and the Influence of Consumer Culture

Dissertation Description

Throughout the 20th century American military endeavors have benefited from unprecedented logistic success and largess. Paradoxically and less well known, many of these same actions were also hindered in a variety of ways by their material excesses. This dissertation attempts to trace and analyze the development and complex interplay of the influence of consumer culture upon the support expectations of American soldiers, officers, and agencies charged with logistically sustaining these conflicts. It also examines how consumer driver logistics influenced strategies, adversaries, and outcomes often in some surprising ways, sometimes at odds with professed military and political objectives.