Congratulations to 2020-2021 Fulbright Recipient

Gwendolyn Burke

Gwen Burke 20 Fulbright

Gwendolyn Burke ’20 plans to teach English and American culture to students in Vietnam.  

Burke’s international relations studies have focused on Asia, primarily East and Southeast Asia. She also has minors in economics and Chinese. “Through both my studies and my own travel experience in the region, I have developed an interest in Asian cultures and how cultural values influence economic development and modernization,” she says. “Vietnam especially is undergoing rapid growth and is at an intersection where traditional values are meeting Western influences as the country continues to develop.”

Her public relations background has given her an understanding of the importance and power of communication and storytelling in learning about and understanding others. “I believe the students I’ll teach as an ETA will offer a unique insight into what it’s like to be at this cultural crossroads, which will make for engaging language practice in the classroom as well as significant cross-cultural dialogue,” Burke says. “In the future, I am interested in working in economic development in Asia, and the skills I will learn as an ETA will help prepare me to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with communities.”

Way to go Gwen!