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Past CQMI Events

The Center for Qualitative and Multi-Method Inquiry supports events that provide research methodology training and education to faculty and students.

For more guidance and related resources on data-collection techniques and analytic methods training, or for information on data management and research transparency events, visit the QDR guidance and resource page

If you have an idea for a workshop or event, please contact Sarah-Anna Hogan.

August 31, 2016: Clarifying Data Citation and Sharing Workshop

The workshop provided journal editors and other members of their editing teams with a summary of recent developments in data citation, management, and sharing, and suggested some ways in which these improvements can be integrated into journal workflows. The workshop also explained some of the less visible aspects of data citation and sharing, and provided more information about different available options.

Clarifying Data Citation and Sharing Workshop Agenda

October 28, 2016: CAQDAS Projects and Digital Repository Workshop

A group of 19 developers, researchers, and repository specialists met at Syracuse University’s Lubin House in New York City to discuss “CAQDAS Projects and Digital Repositories’ Best Practices,” a one-day workshop organized by the Qualitative Data Repository. CAQDAS – Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis – describes a group of applications that allow researchers to manage, link, tag/code, annotate/produce memos about, analyze, and visualize qualitative and multi-method data.

CAQDAS Projects and Digital Repositories' Best Practices Agenda

November 18, 2016: Securely Managing Qualitative Data Webinar

QDR staff led a webinar, drawing on their experience teaching data management with a focus on qualitative materials in different venues, including the annual Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (co-taught with Louise Corti of UK Data), IASSIST, and annual meetings of professional scholarly organizations.