For next three years, Maxwell School’s Executive Education Programs will run the Civic Education and Leadership Fellowship (CELF) program, which is part of the State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). The CELF program will provide up to 60 academics from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) an opportunity to participate in individually tailored programs at the Maxwell School. The goals of the CELF program include promoting international standards in social science education, enhancing the qual- ity of education, and developing the critical thinking and analytic capabilities of educators in MENA countries. The program includes two or three weekly seminars over the course of the semester. Each course is unique and taught by professors from Syracuse University and the upstate region.

This fall semester we welcomed the first six CELF awardees to Syracuse. These fellows were: Arfaoui Khemais, a professional journalist for more than 15 years in Tunisia; Haykel Ben Mahfoudh, an associate professor in the departments of Public Law and Political Science in Tunis, Tunisia; Sofiene Mallouli, a doctoral student in the Department of Linguistics at LaMannouba University in Tunisia; Rebwar Karim Mahmood, a doctoral student in International Affairs at Sulaimanyah University in Iraq; Heja Sindi, a lecturer in the Depart- ment of Business, Management, Economics and Finance at the University of Kurdistan Hawler; and Lobna Cherif, a teacher of English at the High Institute of Human Sciences in Tunis, Tunisia. We look forward to greeting the next round of fellows in the spring.