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Spring 2017

The complete Spring 2017 edition of Maxwell Perspective is available as

 Maxwell Perspective Spring 2017 coverYou may also link directly to the following feature articles...

Crazy, Mixed Up World. Faculty members focused on international relations and the affairs of foreign nations seek to bring scholarly analysis and reason to global-affairs headlines

Free Speech Worldwide
An ambitious project assessing courts across the globe and their approaches to protected speech also provides opportunities for student research. >>read article

Lookin’ for a Job
The annual student-organized networking trips to Washington and New York accelerate career planning and a student’s understanding of life after Maxwell. >>read article

Border Hopping
Anthropologist John Burdick is not only a faculty member conducting research overseas. His research team, in fact, spans the globe. >> read article

Moderates Opt Out
Danielle Thomsen’s book explores how the current political climate discourages politicians with moderate views from seeking national office. >> read article

Shared Priorities
Former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker maintains a long-standing association with Maxwell because he thinks Maxwell does public service right. >> read article

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